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Frequently Asked Questions about Metropolis Disposal Roll Off Services and Dumpster Rentals



How much is a roll off container?
It depends on your location, bin size and content. Please call 1-800-650-6165 for a quote.

What types of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards.

Are there any extra charges?
$190 will be charged if the bin cannot be picked up or delivered when scheduled. $95 will be charged if the bin needs to be relocated on the job site. Extra charges apply if the container must be washed out or if concrete has dried and must be chipped out. There are also extra charges for large tree stumps.

10 yard bins that have any items besides concrete, asphalt, brick, block or dirt will be taken to landfill. Bins with concrete, asphalt, bricks, block or clean dirt without roots or grass can be recycled.


How many tons can I put in my rental bin?
The base price for a 40 yard bin includes five tons and a 25 yard bin includes four tons. If the weight exceeds these amounts, you will be charged $60 per ton up to 10 tons.

Bins must weigh less than 10 tons and cannot be loaded higher than the top of the box. Overweight bins will not be hauled.

How will I know how much the bin weighs?
If you are filling it with concrete and dirt, one cubic yard weighs approximately one ton, so a 10-yard bin weighs approximately 10 tons when loaded with inert material.


What is the bin rental period?

We rent out bins for a seven day period. A $10 daily rental charge per bin will be billed beginning one week after delivery. Bins are not automatically picked up at one week. You must call to schedule a pickup and verify that the pickup was completed. Special pricing will be considered if you need the bin for an extended amount of time.

During my week’s rental, will you dump the bin and bring it back?
Our price includes using the bin on site for one week and dumping it once.

When can I get a bin?
Having 24 hours notice or more is always helpful. However, if you call in the morning, we can often deliver your bin that afternoon. Afternoon calls can usually get bins the next morning.


What am I allowed to put in the bin?
We never accept liquids or hazardous materials. Any found in the container will be returned at customer expense.

Be sure to select the right size bin for your project. The contents should not stick out the top of the bin. Heavy, inert materials such as concrete, dirt, bricks, should go only in a 10 yard bin.

Can I put tree stumps in the bin?
You may include tree stumps. However, there will be an extra charge to handle them. You can possibly save on extra charges by reducing the stumps to less than two feet in diameter.

What materials are considered hazardous?
Hazardous materials include: paint, oil, chemicals, petroleum products, asbestos, gardening products, automotive fluids, batteries, household cleaning products, medicines, light bulbs. There is an extra charge for tires. To dispose of hazardous waste see or your city may provide hazardous waste collection

Define inert materials.
Unable to move or act. Inert material includes dirt, concrete, rocks, sand, stucco, tile, bricks, blocks, asphalt, rebar, metal, etc.

How do you define non-inert materials?

Non-inert material includes grass, roots, sod, trash, drywall, wood, stucco with paper, asphalt shingles, plastic, green-waste, etc.


How much space do I need for the bin?
For a 40-yard container, you will need about 60 feet in length, which is about 4 car lengths. The bin is 20 feet long, and our trucks are between 33 & 37 feet long. You will need about 12 feet in width to allow for the truck and its maneuverability.

Do I need a permit?
In most cities, you do need a permit to place the bin on the street. To get a permit, go to your city’s Public Works website. You do not need a permit if the bin is on your property. However, we require your signature in person or by fax to release us from any property damage. Be advised that an empty 2 ton bin and a full 8 ton bin can easily crack your driveway. Plywood may help avoid damage. Our drivers will not drop a bin where it would possibly harm a person or property.


Are there any other terms I should be aware of?

  • Customer must comply with all governmental regulations, including street use permit.
  • Customer will grant Metropolis Disposal, Inc. access to the job-site at reasonable times.
  • Customer agrees to hold harmless Metropolis Disposal, Inc. with respect to any property damage, bodily injury, or death resulting from Customer’s use of bins.
  • Customer agrees to pay for all damages to bin other than normal wear and tear.
  • Customer gives Metropolis Disposal, Inc. permission to dump the contents of our bin onsite for not complying with the terms of the agreement.
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